Since 1996, AdsPayUSA and the NEW AdsPayMAX, continue to innovate to create growth and development of small mom and pop businesses. The original Coupon Magazines, are now totally digital,

Now Groucherz offers, all businesses a unique opportunity to grow with minimal and often no capital marketing outlay.

Groucherz, has five core values designed to assist local businesses that are part of the 85% of the U.S. merchant population that have 20 or fewer employees and 30% of those are sole proprietors.


Build Great Neighborhoods.

We believe that happy customers make for happy small business and combine two happies and we have a happy community. Specifically, we believe that successful local businesses are the foundation of growing local economies. What makes your neighborhood great? We believe it’s the combination of affordable purchases where locals bond with people who visit frequently. Groucherz connects them, and Groucherz make things better for all, including the community.


Ownership and Performance.

We have worked with thousands of small business owners, and they often must take the hard knocks when it comes to decision time. Those same decisions can mean success or failure for their business. To succeed, they must be creative and sift out the wheat from the chaff. They must run lean. They must get the absolute most from their employees. And, they must plan for the long term. We want them to succeed, and we strive to offer them new customers with a guarantee. No upfront money to those who qualify, and we will take all the risk. We train all our staff and everyone at Groucherz is mandated to take that same approach. The approach that they own the businesses they are working with.



We think life should be fun and what makes people smile more than a huge discounted deal. For our customers and their consumers that means showing them the amazing savings they can experience. For our employees, it means building a great place to work whereby everyone smiles at the positivity we create.


Respect, Integrity & Inclusion.

There is a wonderful Special Forces statement: “He who dares Wins.” And we Respect our fellow business colleagues who dare to risk capital in a business, as do our brave men and women 1st responders and protectors of our freedom, who risk more than capital. We don’t just want to win; we want to win the right way. We’ll listen to your differences and the ways they can change how we work and strive to lead to bigger wins. But we’ll never allow our Integrity to be compromised. We’ll always work to create the happy media we need and that means your input is what we look to as “Inclusion.”



We are only here because over 25 years we still have the customers who believe in us. They drive our business. When customers view us as a daily habit・as something indispensable・it will mean we’re solving fundamental challenges and delivering amazing value. Whether it’s consumers or the merchants we connect them with, everything we do should begin and end with the customer, and we will be willing to do the hard work for long-term customer happiness.